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Dance Boss Podcast

Oct 21, 2021

Do you remember going to those dance conventions as a student?

The highs you felt, being around all your friends, giggling and enjoying the moment.

And the lows you felt when the dance instructor called you out for doing a sloppy chassé.

Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t hold our students (or clients) accountable for what we have taught them.

We should!

But, we should also lead with grace and motivate them not to just be good dancers, but good human beings as well.

In episode #159 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I chat with Emily Rossetti and we talk all about her dance convention, Zero Gravity the Experience. We dive into:

  • How she came up with this idea and how it will be different from other competition-based conventions
  • The steps she took to bring it to life
  • And, the importance of delegating and knowing you can’t do it all

Click here to check out Zero Gravity, the Experience!

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Zero Gravity, the Experience created by Emily Rossetti is a dance convention for ages 12 and Up, being held on November, 21st 2021 in Summit NJ. For more information visit and use code ZGXDANCEBOSS at when registering for 5% OFF!

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