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Dance Boss Podcast

Jun 11, 2020

Change is scary as f**k until it isn’t

Especially when the change is big, sudden, and unjust.

But, I am an avid believer in divine intervention.

“From our deepest tragedies, come our greatest blessings!” 

The world is not an easy place right now.

So it’s especially important for us to continue facilitating the conversation and building our community.

On episode #88 of the Dance Boss Podcast, my guest Tricia Gomez dives into her journey from Hip Hop in a Box to Rhythm Works Integrative Dance - teaching dance educators how to work more effectively with students that have learning differences and special needs.

In this episode we also dive into…


When you feel that push, that thing tugging on your heart strings, you have to follow where it leads.


When you are on the right path, surrounded by the right people, and doing the work, doors will open for you.


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