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Dance Boss Podcast

Feb 10, 2022

Have you niched down in your online dance business?

When many people in the online space talk about niching down they are talking about niching down on their person. They’re describing demographics.

But the other part of niching down has to do with the problem you solve and the unique way you solve it.

If you’re confused, don’t worry. Get ready to take notes because this one is jam-packed!

In episode #175 of the Dance Boss Podcast I dive into:

  1. The mainstream way of niching down vs the money-making way of niching down
  2. Why you need to stop hiding behind “inclusivity” 
  3. Diluting your gifts by offering too many things to too many people 
  4. What actions you can take to clarify your niche and make money

So tell me, have you niched down your person, problem, and solution?


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