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Dance Boss Podcast

Sep 30, 2021

You may identify as a dance specialist.


You may be thinking… “WTF is that?!”


You might be thinking… “Hmmm, dance specialist is a bold claim for me!”

On the baseline level, a dance specialist is anyone who specializes in an area of expertise in the dance community that helps dancers or non-dancers reach a specific result.

An area of expertise is something you’ve been technically training in, academically studying for years, or personally experienced through the years.

Every dancer has an area of expertise they specialize in. 

You may even have many areas of expertise, but some are more developed than others. 

In episode #156 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I dive into this further. I also talk about a mindset shift I want you to make: shifting from “I offer dance classes online for everyone” to “I am a specialist in this area of expertise.”

So tell me, do you identify as a dance specialist? If yes, what’s your area of expertise? If no, what’s stopping you? Hit me up on IG @erinpride and let me know.


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