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Dance Boss Podcast

Nov 5, 2020

How do I? This is an interesting question because how you do anything depends on you, your season of life, and the beautiful goals connected to your soul. 

Figuring out my ‘how’ when starting my online business was hard. 

I spent a lot of time, basing my how on others... 

  • I wrote content the way others suggested. 
  • I launched the way others suggested.
  • I created offers the way others suggested. 
  • I basically ran my business the way others suggested. 

And the weird thing is, it’s not always a suggestion, sometimes coaches in this online space basically bully you into thinking if you don’t do it their way you won’t be successful... 

And I believed them. 

I was left with a business that didn’t feel fun and a mind that didn’t feel good enough. 

It wasn’t until I shifted the focus from “How Do I?” to “What Kind of Business Do I Want to Build?” Then I really started to enjoy my business, felt empowered in my business, and started seeing growth in my business. 

In episode #109 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I share a mashup of some amazing tips to grow your online dance business. To help you start to think deeply about what kind of leader and business owner you want to be!

Start weeding out what doesn’t feel good, and start committing to what does.

So tell me what kind of business do you want to build? 


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