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Dance Boss Podcast

Feb 24, 2022

Are you hiding from your calling and not sharing your value?

And let me clarify when I say hiding from your calling. I mean hiding from the discomfort.

It’s usually the discomfort that pushes us into what we are called to be in the next season.

It was the discomfort of being at my job, realizing I didn’t want to be there anymore that propelled me into my next calling of starting my online dance business.

In episode #177 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I challenge you to ask yourself the question: am I really too busy or am I hiding from the discomfort of discovering my calling?

I talk:

  • Excuses you are making that are causing you not to take action
  • What you’re afraid of
  • What you have to lose
  • And what not taking action will cost you, emotionally and financially

After you listen to the episode head on over to Instagram, tag me @erinpride and let me know if you’re really too busy or if you’re hiding from the discomfort of discovering your calling?


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