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Dance Boss Podcast

Sep 9, 2021

What happens in that space between thought and action?

Between having that idea and making that phone call, or writing that proposal, or talking to that person.

Most ideas die because of doubt. Thinking we’re not good enough or we don’t have the experience, or whatever it is.

We think we’re missing a piece of the puzzle, but what we’re really missing is positivity… faith… hope!

In this special episode #153 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I have the pleasure of speaking with Susan Slotnick, visual artist, choreographer, dancer, writer, and social justice volunteer. Susan brings the joy of dance to those who wouldn’t normally be privy to it, like incarcerated men and boys, and she has always seen dance as a way to heal!

We talk about:

  • Susan’s journey and early interest in social justice
  • Her book, Flight: The Dance of Freedom
  • Having a let-me-in attitude
  • And, navigating the space between thought and action

So tell me, friend, what is holding you back from taking that first step toward a thriving business?


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