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Dance Boss Podcast

May 7, 2020

You go into a new salon to get your hair done. 


You don’t tell the beautician what you want, because you in fact don’t know what you want...


You think somehow your wish of feeling good when you get spun around in that chair will jump off your body and into your hairstylist brain… It doesn’t. 


They spin you around to look in the mirror and… you hate it! 


You are disappointed. 


They are disappointed. 


It’s just a hot mess express...


Tell me this… Has a teacher, boss, coach, etc. ever told you to do something new without teaching you how to do it?  


With no explanation.


No clear expectations outlined.


If you answered yes, then you know how frustrating, overwhelming, and out-right chaotic this can be.


On episode #83 of the Dance Boss Podcast, my guest Kristen Hale dives into the five most overlooked coaching strategies to up your student, staff, and team performance.


Kristen, along with her husband and business partner Sam, help athletes in sports and the arts “achieve excellence by training their most powerful tool – their mind,” with Launch Peak Performance, a one-on-one mental coaching program.


She dropped so many knowledge bombs and I know you will benefit from this conversation.



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