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Dance Boss Podcast

Jun 24, 2021

STUDENT: 💭 I’m just gonna slide by and kinda work in my dance classes, but I’m going to kill the performance.


STUDENT: (After Performance) 🥴


If you come from a dance background you know exactly what the above emoji conversation is about.

Many times we have students that don’t value training and they don’t understand that you must train before a performance in order to get the most out of the performance for yourself and others.

Well the same goes for the product you are currently thinking about launching and selling for your online dance business.

The biggest mistake I see online business owners make is… having an idea, creating a way for the idea to be paid for, showing up online and talking about the idea minimally, and being disappointed when people don’t buy.

And like the emoji conversation above this is because you my friend are not training for the performance and your performance is the launch/sale.

In episode #142 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I dive into my 4-part framework of necessary ingredients to create a successful dance product so that you can make money online. 

I talk: 

  1. Transparency
  2. Training
  3. Creating
  4. and then performance

So tell me have you been training for your launch/sale or have you been jumping right to the performance? And how have the results been (no judgment, just over here showing you a better way)? Hit me up on IG @erinpride and lmk.


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