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Dance Boss Podcast

Jun 18, 2020

Anyone else feeling the silent weight of social media lately?


I am!


This is not business as usual and social media is making me feel all of the emotions… Frustrated. Overwhelmed. Angry!


Today, I spoke to a friend about taking a social media break and she reminded me that if I want people to come to our free discussion on Tuesday June 23rd I have to show up and show up in a big way!


And then she went on to say “It’s totally okay if you don’t want to show up. We can wait to have the discussion when you return.”


Well I silently cursed her out!


And then I silently cursed myself out...


Because she was right!


If I want to have this virtual conversation to help dance educators use their voice to create racial consciousness in their dance classroom/studio, I have to show up. 


The time is now. 


I want to help facilitate positive change in the dance community.


So I decided to show the F up!


And it ain’t easy right now.


I am sharing this, so you know it’s hard for me too. There is no right answer to what you should or should not be doing. It’s different for each of us and that is ok. That is enough…


With all of that said I want to invite you to our discussion Am I Doing Enough - How to use Your Voice in Your Dance Classroom or Studio to Create Racial Consciousness on Tuesday June 23rd at 4pm EST. To save your spot -


For show notes visit -


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