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Dance Boss Podcast

Apr 28, 2022

Many of you are offering virtual dance classes because you think it’s the only way you can run your business.

Many of you are choosing memberships, semester-based classes, drop-ins, and resources and downloads as your business model…

But, did you choose this business model because it makes sense with the time you have, the money you have, and the marketing effort you are willing to make? 

Or did you choose this business model because it’s what you have seen done in the industry?

In episode #186 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I discuss:

  • The different types of business models
  • The pros and cons of each business model
  • The financial return of each business model
  • And how to choose which business model is right for you

After you listen, hit me up on IG @erinpride and let me know which business model you feel called to.


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