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Dance Boss Podcast

Dec 16, 2021

Ever wonder if you should change your social media strategy?

Many online dance business owners believe they need a social media strategy to help them to post more frequently and this, in turn, will help them make sales. They believe they can get this from copy and paste content templates. But they end up teaching their audience “how” instead of “why.”

But here’s the thing:

People buy, not because you give them the”'how,” but when you show them why it is needed, why it will change their life, and why it will get them to think differently, believe differently, and act differently. 

In episode #167 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I dive into:

  • The problem with "copy and paste" content
  • The gaps in your audience's thought process. What is missing?
  • Finding your voice
  • How to become a pioneer in your field

After you listen, hit me up on Instagram @erinpride and let me know, do you need to change your social media strategy?

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