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Dance Boss Podcast

Apr 23, 2020

Social media; friend or frenemy?


Being tuned in virtually has become our new norm.


And social media...


Fake friend? 


Or bestie?


Social media can be a tool used for connecting people around the globe, learning a new skill, and building an influence.


It can also increase isolation, negativity, and comparison.


But, on the flip side, it is becoming normal to go to social media for just about everything. And, in the dance world specifically, it is opening new doors for people who haven’t been traditionally successful in the dance industry. 


WOC, plus sized, disabled, gender non-conforming (etc.) dancers are now taking the stage, and owning it!


In this episode, I sat down with Makeda Easter of the LA Times and we dove into her article, “The Rise of the Dancefluencer.” Whether you love social media or hate it the truth is, dancers and dance teachers are using it to leverage their careers.



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