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Dance Boss Podcast

Apr 16, 2020

Oh no friend you're fine… You just need to reframe your what if! ⁣

We all feel resistance in our lives. Resistance to working out, or doing housework, or chasing a dream, whatever. I feel it most, when I’m supposed to be shifting. ⁣

The little monsters in my head say, “no, don’t do it,” “sleep longer,” “you’re not good enough,” “no one needs this!” ⁣

Recently I was resisting a shift. ⁣

I was leaning into fear asking myself questions like…⁣

What if this doesn’t work?⁣

What if it’s the wrong idea?⁣

What if people judge me?⁣

What if I‘m not good enough?⁣

But then I reframed my what if’s... ⁣

What if I help a lot of people?⁣

What if I make an impact?⁣

What if this is the next step of my journey that propels me closer to who I am meant to be? ⁣

What if I succeed?⁣

In this episode, I talk about my shift, my resistance, and how this one idea ended up being in total alignment with my purpose. ⁣


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