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Dance Boss Podcast

Aug 27, 2020

Stop hiding who you are!


Stop suppressing what you want!


And, stop being afraid of success!


On episode #99 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I dive into how to get out of your own way and on the right business path. 


This is the last episode of our 4-part series that will help you monetize your dance teaching knowledge, and expertise online.


Have you listened to the first three?


Episode #96 was all about my three C’s, #97 included a client interview, and #98 broke down why my business wasn’t growing, and the changes I had to make.


And, this finale brings it to a close.


So make sure you tune in!


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You’re getting one more day to sign up for the Dancepreneur Academy for dance educators who want to take their teaching, knowledge, and expertise and monetize online. I am going to teach you how to go from making $100's in your online dance biz to 4-figures without killing yourself!


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