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Dance Boss Podcast

May 19, 2022

Does this sound like you?

You want to learn how to create program qualifiers that call in clients that can get the most from your dance service.

You desire to enhance your program outcome so that you and your potential clients are crystal clear on the transformation that you can offer them.

You yearn for more clarity in what you offer and how you offer it so that you can feel confident when delivering your services and selling your services.

If this sounds familiar then, this one's for you. In episode #189 of the Dance Boss Podcast I talk:

  1. What are program qualifiers
  2. How they help you call in qualified leads
  3. What is a program outcome
  4. And how getting clear on what you offer can help you build confidence

After you listen, tag me on Instagram at @erinpride and let me know what step you plan to take to get you closer to leaving your dance teaching grind behind.


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