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Dance Boss Podcast

May 28, 2020



I wanted to give up… 


I was making $500 consistently a month in my business. 


I was working full time and growing a business, so I had to outsource. There were not enough hours in the day for me to do it all, so I hired help. With that help came paying out of pocket. 


That’s right! $500 in income didn’t come close to the amount of money it was costing me to run my business. I was using my personal money and cutting things very close. 


There came a point when I was about to throw in the towel. I felt guilty… I wanted to pay off debt, save, and build a life with Paul. How dare I come out of pocket to support my business? 


Do I walk away? Do I keep going? Am I selfish? Is my money going to the wrong places? These are the questions I repeatedly asked myself. 


And then I did something that probably made no sense financially. 


I hired a coach!


You see, I followed people on IG, and listened to podcasts where people kept saying “I grew when I hired a coach…”


I would think to myself, “Well that must be nice, you have the money for that!” 


As I listened to these stories deeper, I realized the running theme:

Most, if not all of these people invested before they were actually ready, and they knew that in order to get to the level they wanted, they had to seek help.


So, I decided to take the leap! I invested in a coach and I was shaking in my student loan debt! More money out of pocket. Less money toward debt, saving, and building a future… 


And I kid you not, 2 months after hiring my coach, I made 4 figures in my business. This month I made 4 figures in my business. That is 2 months of consistently making 4 figures in my business!


And I am beyond grateful! 


I didn’t quit before the miracle happened, but I realized that in order to get different results I had to take different action… I knew what I was doing wasn’t going to get me to my goals. I had to change it.


Also, I truly believe when you invest in yourself and your business, people in-turn invest in you and your business. It’s the circular beauty of the universe.  


Want to hear more about my $500 to 4 figures journey? Listen to episode #86 of the Dance Boss Podcast, where my business coach Alicia Jonas and I dive in. 


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