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Dance Boss Podcast

Apr 29, 2021

I thought I would live to see 40, but I wasn’t always sure I would enjoy the way I was living. 

Talking about my dark days is something I often camouflage, but today I decided to go a little deeper as nowadays I like to push myself to get uncomfortable. 

I grew up never really feeling like I fit in. I grew up in the “hood”, people would say I talked and dressed like a “white girl”... I got made fun of and I got into unwanted fights.

I quickly learned how to adapt, I became a chameleon so that I would be liked and accepted.

At first I didn’t think this had an impact on who I was. I thought this was normal. I thought this was the way you were supposed to walk through life.

So I kept hiding and kept achieving.

This turned out to affect everything from my sense of self worth to relationships that I continuously failed to build.

On the outside looking in I was fine, little glimpses of the chaos of my life came to light, but I quickly hid that with my bubbly personality, and my ability to read people.

I became a master of giving people what they wanted. 

When I was 35 I had one of the hardest moments in my life, this moment propelled me on a journey of hard work, commitment, and honesty (not fully ready to share all of this yet)...

This moment gave me a chance to start living my life, a chance to set boundaries.

This moment gave me an understanding of how to fully love all parts of myself.

When I turned 40, I did it without fear of being liked, without lies of who I should be.

I love the life I live, even though I have faced challenges.

I love the woman I have become and am still becoming.

In episode #134 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I have an amazing conversation with Cassandra Ream, dancer, choreographer, educator, owner and artistic director of Art In Motion Design, an event design and coordination and performance art company, and soon to be author.

We dive into Cassandra’s journey of learning to love everything that made her different, how dance fit into it, and how her business came from it.

Her story reminds me so much of my own.

So here’s to all my outcasts who finally owned their power and show up as they truly are!

If that’s you, then celebrate with me and tag me or DM me on Instagram to tell me about your journey.

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