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Dance Boss Podcast

Sep 23, 2021

I love it when they call me Mrs. Pompa.


I’m taking my husbands’ name both personally and professionally. And I want you to know this was a f**kin hard decision.

Not because I don’t love him, but because I have worked my ass off building a brand based on my name: Erin Pride.

When thinking through this decision I found myself in fear.

  • Will people be able to find me?
  • Will my new name roll off of tongues with ease? 
  • It’s going to be so much work changing all the backend in my business with my new name. Can I handle it?
  • Am I giving up what I have worked so hard to build?
  • Will people think I’m weak for not keeping my last name?

This is the sh** that went through my head and still does from time to time. And I know I’m not the only one so this is why I share it.

So how did I come to my decision to take my husband’s last name professionally?

In episode #155 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I dive further into this. I also share some other ways women have changed or not changed their names.

I knew that to fully embody my marriage, changing my name in both aspects would feel the best for ME. And that’s all it really comes down to. What feels good for YOU!

So tell me, did you take your partner’s name professionally? Was it an easy transition for you emotionally? Tag me on IG @erinpride and talk to me about it.


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