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Dance Boss Podcast

May 13, 2021

I used to think goal setting was the key, but I now know the magic sauce is productivity.

Many times my clients come to me with these huge goals and ideas for their business, but they are not in alignment with their lives.

They are based in fear and what they see other people doing.

But it’s not about other people.

You have to do what’s best for you!

It’s your life. You have to set those boundaries and decide what’s important in your business.

And as you establish those non-negotiables, you will grow and evolve. 

In episode #136 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I get to dive into this more with my friend, studio owner, visibility business coach, podcast host, and Dance Boss OG, Melissa Rose!

You see, Melissa was featured way back in season 3.

So today is extra special because we get to chat about all the things that have changed for her, and how she navigates life and business without getting stuck in the overwhelm trap. 

We dive into being a mom and business owner, building a team, trusting the process, and doing the work.

And check out episode #32 - Launching a Virtual Dance Program with Melissa. Click here!

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