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Dance Boss Podcast

May 14, 2020

WARNING! Things may not be as they appear.


September 2018 Launched Dance Boss Podcast.


May 2019 Launched Dance Boss University a monthly membership for dance educators.


September 2019 Did some coaching around dance curriculum creation.


October 2019 realized that I loved coaching woman 1 on 1... I loved the transformation, and connection of 1 on 1, but I didn’t enjoy coaching around curriculum (I didn’t tell anyone because I felt so far in and feared judgment).


December 2019 Loved showing up but didn’t love speaking about dance education anymore (I am cringing with fear as I write this).


January 2020 Dissatisfied with what I was doing, but I was too scared to change it.


February 2020 Started working with a coach 1 on 1. 


March 2020 Changed my brand. 


April 2020 Launched and sold out my 1 on 1 coaching program & 90-minute intensives.


April 2020 Decided to lean fully into helping dance educators build their dream, start an online business, and bring in additional revenue.


May 2020 Announced the closing of Dance Boss University (this was hard, scary, and emotional). 


May 2020 Shifted the content of the podcast (again scary... what if people stop listening...what if my sponsor leaves... what if it sucks). 


May 2020 Working with my clients, helping them bring their dreams to reality and fully loving every second.


You see my entire life I have always felt the drive, passion, calling to help people reach their goals, do the unthinkable, and live the life they want to truly live.


It wasn’t until I:

got honest about WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE DOING…

dove fully into what I felt so strongly in my heart called to do…

let go of all the things even though I feared judgment… 

that I began to not only make the impact I wanted to make and find the light inside of me that I was searching for, but also make money doing what I love. And making money for sharing your gifts is a beautiful thing!


If your holding onto something and scared to let it go... 


If you are trying to hide it from yourself or those around you…


Take it from me.


Let it go.


Something amazing is waiting on the other side.


On episode #84, the final episode of season 7 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I pull back the curtain (even further lol) on my business journey and talk about how I stepped into something new.


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