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Dance Boss Podcast

May 5, 2022

What does success look like to you?

Is it making $100,000 in a year? Is it being able to take that vacation to South Africa, or buying that Fendi purse with no regrets? 

Or, is it building the online dance business of your dreams?

The thing is, no one can tell you what success is to you. Only you can decide for yourself.

In this episode of the Dance Boss Podcast, I sit down with Annett Bone and we discuss how she defines success.

We talk:

  • Annett’s story of how she left dance and came back to it
  • What it’s like performing in her 50s
  • The importance of having the right mentors/coaches for you
  • What it means to be an artist
  • And so much more!

Now head on over to Instagram and tag me @erinpride to tell me what success means to you.


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