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Dance Boss Podcast

May 20, 2021

Do you identify as a dance teacher and a dance coach?

A teacher instructs you in a specific skill-set, breaking down material for you to understand.

A coach helps you develop and improve your own skills to get you through a process.

Like me, you may possess both qualities of a teacher and a coach, but it is so important, as an online dance business owner, to differentiate between the two, and how you help your clients reach their transformation. 

Oftentimes people falsely market what they do, and as a result, their clients are left dissatisfied with services, and you are frustrated that your clients are not reaching the transformation you desire.

It’s all okay and this is a common mistake made in the early stages of starting an online business.  Once you hone in on the way you deliver your gift, imposter syndrome starts to fade away and you start to really call in the people that would benefit the most from your services and your style.

In episode #137 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I have an amazing conversation with Gena Dubose, aerial dance coach for both instructors and movers. We dive into her passion for coaching, the importance of niching down, the value of building a framework for your business, and why she calls herself a coach instead of a teacher. 

So tell me, are you a teacher or a coach? And why?

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