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Dance Boss Podcast

Aug 5, 2021

Calling all dance moms out there.

This episode is for you!

You know what it’s like…you grew up dancing and you still love dance. Now you have a child or multiple children who dance in a studio setting.

It’s a week before the recital. You’re just getting around to opening the dozens of costumes with their hundreds of hairpieces and you’re missing one whole costume and half of another one.

So you run to the studio with your tail between your legs, feeling ashamed and defeated, and try to salvage the situation as much as possible. 

Sometimes someone works some magic and it all works out.

But those other times… let’s just say it doesn’t work out.

What if there was a better, easier way to keep track of everything?

Cue my guest, Laura Caulin, founder of CMeShine, an app and community to organize and streamline your dance studio.

In episode #148 of the Dance Boss Podcast, Laura and I talk about how CMeShine came to life, how she mixed her tech and dance backgrounds, and how when she wasn’t sure what to do, she asked for help!

And because she asked for help she is now bringing her idea to life!

If you are like Laura, with an amazing online dance business idea in your head but no idea where to start, hit me up on IG @erinpride and let’s chat it out.

And, go check out CMeShine today!



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