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Dance Boss Podcast

Oct 15, 2020

Diversity in dance is very important!

It fights boundaries and debunks myths.

Like the myth that ballet is made for one type of person.

Dance should be available for everyone who wants to do it, not just those who fit into certain molds.

On episode #107 of the Dance Boss Podcast, my guest Olia Tsopela and I dive into this concept, her business, The Dancer Next Door, and her journey getting there.

Olia highlights market research (which I love!), and proclaims that it led her to find out what her clients really wanted.

Now she is breaking ballet stereotypes and addressing her student’s minds before their bodies.

She also reminds us that the joy is in the moment, not the end result.

So tell me, what journey are you on right now? Are you enjoying it?


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