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Dance Boss Podcast

Jun 4, 2020

In response to Dance Teacher Network being archived, I want to address a BIG issue I see in the dance world…⁣

So much of our industry and classes are still seeing “dance” as simply a physical form of movement, and taking away the full embodiment of educating the human.⁣

For those who have large platforms like DTN, making decisions on how you show up and address global climate changes in order to support your community is vital.⁣

Unfortunately in their response to our current pressing issues, they failed to do so…⁣

This is an opportunity to have those uncomfortable conversations…⁣

Racism exists and racism exists in the dance world!⁣

It isn’t about dance. It’s about using your voice to educate your students, using your platform to help people have conversations to evoke change!⁣


This went from IG stories to IGTV and a deeper discussion now available on episode #87 of the Dance Boss podcast to listen….

Please share this or create your own video, post, podcast to raise awareness in order to educate the human. 🙏🏾


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