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Dance Boss Podcast

Dec 17, 2020

So What’s is Like Inside of DancePreneur Academy


Today I got to get up close and personal with DancePreneur Academy member 👉🏾the amazing Bev, Founder of  @vybe365 (stalk her on IG!)


Today Bev and I talk 

👉🏾Why she joined DPA

👉🏾How she overcame her fear of investing in herself and her business 

👉🏾Her biggest wins since joining the program 

And so much more

Bev is amazing make sure to stalk her here on the gram

And just a reminder 

Apply now to join the next round of DancePreneur Academy, Click Here


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And come hang out with me on IG - @erinpride


Apolla Performance is amazing!

IG/FB @Apollaperfomance