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Dance Boss Podcast

Mar 3, 2022

Today you plan the heck out of your dance class! 

You have your music ready, your counts, your exercises… everything.

Then you walk into the class and everything changes!

You make the choreography a little easier or more difficult. You switch counts. 

Or you may decide to scrap your lesson altogether and meditate with your students because the energy is just off.

Has that ever happened to you? Adjusting your lesson because of student interaction…

It’s a shame that in the online space people make it seem so easy. And, it’s misleading!

It’s not easy, but getting your clients results and seeing their transitions is rewarding!

In episode #178 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I dive into:

  • How your values as a Dance Educator/dance professional might be getting diluted 
  • How pre-recorded video for your online dance program may be affecting your revenue and integrity
  • How I help my clients create a curriculum that is results-driven instead of “them”-driven

So tell me friend, have you ever taken a pre-recorded course for your online dance business? Did you finish it? And what did you think about it? Tag me on IG @erinpride and let me know!


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