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Dance Boss Podcast

Sep 30, 2021

You may identify as a dance specialist.


You may be thinking… “WTF is that?!”


You might be thinking… “Hmmm, dance specialist is a bold claim for me!”

On the baseline level, a dance specialist is anyone who specializes in an area of expertise in the dance community that helps dancers or non-dancers reach...

Sep 23, 2021

I love it when they call me Mrs. Pompa.


I’m taking my husbands’ name both personally and professionally. And I want you to know this was a f**kin hard decision.

Not because I don’t love him, but because I have worked my ass off building a brand based on my name: Erin Pride.

When thinking through...

Sep 16, 2021

How we spend our days is how we live our lives…

If you want to live your life a different way, you have to spend your days a different way.

Quiz time! 

How do you plan your day? Are you:

A. A time blocking ninja 

B. A take the day as it comes person

C. A scrambler - tries to plan, wants to plan, but it doesn’t...

Sep 9, 2021

What happens in that space between thought and action?

Between having that idea and making that phone call, or writing that proposal, or talking to that person.

Most ideas die because of doubt. Thinking we’re not good enough or we don’t have the experience, or whatever it is.

We think we’re missing a piece of the...

Sep 2, 2021

Let’s talk about the word “boss.”

How do you define it?

Some people see it as being a puppeteer, manipulating puppets. 

Others view it more like a tree, with deep roots all working together to grow and bear fresh fruit.

To be very honest, I used to think of it (and myself) like a shadow hovering over my...