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Dance Boss Podcast

Sep 27, 2018

This episodes dives into the "how to" of bringing your dance program, dance school, dance class... into the public and private school sector. My guest Debra Giunta talks pitching, proposals, contracts, and pricing.  We also, discuss the benefits of integrating a  entrepreneurship curriculum into your dance program....

Sep 20, 2018

This episode dives into the art of producing. Whether you want to produce a dance concert, or a full length work, we’ve got you covered.  My guest Jinah Parker dives into the how to of  - funding, discussing non traditional ways to find the money to make your production happen, the importance of building a team,...

Sep 12, 2018

If you want to bring more creativity into your ballet classes, then today's interview is defiantly for you.  Cadence and I dive in with insights, inspiration, and most importantly strategy to bring more creativity into your ballet teaching practices. 

Sep 11, 2018

Welcome to the Dance Boss Podcast, I'm your Host Erin Pride and this podcast is for my fellow dancers educators, and dream catchers…Each week I will share insights, and inspiration on systemizing your dance classroom and improving student growth, I also will share interviews with dance entrepreneurs who are crushing...